Coming Soon



Drives the moon across the sky in
her silver chariot drawn by two
beautiful, long-haired horses.



Eos blends her brother
and sister's duties into the
beautiful sunrise of dawn.



Draws the sun across the
sky in his fire chariot

Coming Soon In Carmel, IN

Palladian architecture, from which the Palladium takes its name, is inspired by the classical temple architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans. We want to hold this foundational influence at the forefront of our design and combine this centuries-old architectural expertise with a cutting edge, serene projection show.

The show’s first two movements will be a serene, tranquil display of light and color designed to highlight the architecture while engaging the viewer on many different levels.  It can be a calm meditative backdrop for a romantic evening or an Instagram worthy photo opportunity for a group of friends. The show will culminate in a several minute finale, every hour, that will pick up the pace and deliver the WOW factor that one would expect from a world class show in Paris or Las Vegas.