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Blockhouse Studios of Bloomington Indiana is a professional large-scale digital installation production company in the midwest specializing in creating unique and breathtaking experiences. Combining bespoke cinematography techniques and the latest technology from Epson, Blockhouse creates stunning shows for both private and public audiences.

What Is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is a video projection technique in which video footage is mapped onto a surface, turning common objects – such as buildings, runways, stages and even water – into astonishing displays. These surfaces become a canvas, playing off the surface’s shape and textures to create a delightful experience of light and illusion.

Our Projects

Clowes Pavilion

In 2020, Blockhouse Studios was brought in to reimagine the Clowes Pavilion at Newfileds IMA musuem. We helped select the technologies to be integrated into the room, and selected three local contractors to work with to accomplish the installation. We managed the contractors throughout the entirety of installation and integration. Blockhouse developed the concepts for the original content, produced and created all the imagery, including original fluid art, cinematography, and other digital assets. Blockhouse created the control system for the 47x31 foot LED ceiling and also provided training to the museum staff to run the hardware.

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Merry Prairie Holiday

To elevate Conner Prairie’s annual Merry Prairie Holiday event, Blockhouse Studios, the elite projection mapping company in the midwest, reimagined the beloved Christmas tale ’Twas the Night Before Christmas, and projected this retelling onto the historic Conner House. The project featured stop motion animation of custom paper cutouts and traditional 2D animation to bring this classic Christmas story to life. Two 15,000 lumen projectors and three 8,000 lumen projectors were situated both outside of the building to project onto the 3d mapped exterior, and inside for rear projecting onto the windows. Crowds returned specifically to rewatch the spectacle outside the Conner House allowing Conner Prairie to exceed their revenue goals for the event.

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Epson Infocomm

In June of 2022, Blockhouse was invited to be the featured digital artist at the Epson Large scale projector booth at InfoComm Las Vegas. Creating content for 12 screens throughout the booth, including examples of large scale projection mapping, corner blending techniques, interactive experiential displays and all original spectacular content for the full line of Epson Projectors. Epson’s booth won Best of Show, a testament to the quality of the displayed content and execution. Blockhouse was responsible for both the content and the activation and integration of the work displayed, including the distribution and display systems.

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Epson Immersive Room

In September of 2022, following our critical acclaim at InfoComm, Blockhouse was invited to completely redesign the immersive projection room at the Epson Headquarters in Los Alamitos California. We assisted Epson in showing the capabilities of their Pro line of projectors, utilizing all original content for 10 projectors, creating a fully immersive experience for demonstration for their clients. We also designed their server system to create a seamless experience for their representatives.

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Columbus, IN Bicentennial

For the Bartholomew County Bicentennial Celebration, Blockhouse Studios created a ten minute projection show on the historic Ulrich Block Building. Working closely with local businesses in the City of Columbus, we were able to incorporate numerous shops, companies and people from Columbus' rich history over the last 200 years. From Cummins Headquarters to Bartholomew County's local residents, we were able to highlight the things that make Columbus so unique. Paying special attention to historical context, we included radios, TVs, and clothing manufactured in Columbus from each of the individual eras. Using seven 15,000 lumen Epson projectors we fully mapped and programmed the show.

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Our Clients

We have worked with renowned companies across the midwest and the US to bring our expertise of large scale digital installations. Our goal is to bring the technical knowledge and the creativity to create a fully delivered project that exceeds client expectations.

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